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Animals Conservation Abroad

Volunteering with animals abroad is an amazing experience that gives you the possibility to step out of your comfort zone, forget about the daily grind, and become physically active. All over the world, there are animals in need of protection, be it in the desert, forest, ocean, or on the streets. If you have an interest in veterinary medicine, biology or simply love animals and want to give back to them, joining animal volunteer work abroad is the perfect choice for you.

The protection and welfare of all kinds of animals is an important topic that has been internationally recognized and has led to changes in hunting and trading laws as well as regulations about the keeping of animals and animal conservation. However, there are still many dangers for animals both wild and domesticated. Some of the biggest threats are:

Poaching for the illegal pet trade
The trade of body parts (e.g. ivory)
Illegal consumption
Declining habitats
Pollution and climate change
Mistreatment and abuse

The most “famous” example of this sad development is the decline of elephants that are poached for their ivory tusks. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), out of the three to five million elephants roaming our planet in the early 20th century, only 450.000 individuals are left today.

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