How to raise your puppy dog

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Raising a pet is not raising a toy, you made the choice to buy a dog, the dog did not choose you. You made a commitment to the dog to forever love him/her. If you doubt to be able to spent enough time with the dog, just forget it.
Never forget: a dog will always, always love you, you are his hero!

Be patient!
Make sure you have enough time and patience. Raising a well-trained and well-behaved dog takes time and commitment over many years. Before you get yourself into this undertaking, you should think about your schedule and if you have time for a puppy. Your puppy will also take time to learn new commands, so be patient with him as he learns.
Your puppy will not know how to be well-behave naturally. However, he will want to please you, which will help you when you train him.
Potty training can take anywhere from four to six months to a year.

Start at the right time
Your puppy can begin to be potty trained when he is around 12 to 16 weeks old. At this point, his bladder is developed enough that he can learn to hold it.

Take him out immediately
Once you bring your new puppy home, you need to take him outside immediately to show him where he needs to go to the bathroom. This will help him start associating being outside with going to the bathroom. Once he does, give him lots of praise and affection, which will link praise with going to the potty outside.
When he goes out, let him sniff and explore the yard until he goes to the bathroom.

Confine him to a small area
When your puppy is first potty training, you need to make sure he is confined to one general area when you aren’t home or watching him. This will cut down on accidents in other parts of the house while he learns. Common places are washrooms and bathrooms.

Watch for signs of potty time. Your puppy will show signs that he needs to go out. Look for signs of panting, pacing, sniffing around, or barking. These are all signs that he needs to go to the bathroom. When these signs appear, take him outside right away so he can do his business.

Create a tight schedule
When your puppy is learning, you need to take him out often. Take him out right when he gets up and every 30 minutes to an hour throughout the day. Take him out right after feeding and when he wakes up from a nap. He should also go out right before he goes to bed. Try to take him to the same spot in the yard every time you take him out. His scent there will prompt him to go to the bathroom.
His size may play a role in the timing of when he goes out as he ages. If your dog is small, he has a smaller bladder and will need to go to the bathroom more, even when he is grown. This may make it seem like he can’t hold it, but he is just smaller.

Give plenty of praise
When your puppy goes out and uses the bathroom, give him a lot of praise. You can even go overboard with how much you praise him. It will only make him want to please you more. You can even give him a treat every couple of times you take him out.
Rewards like treats and praise will help reinforce your dog’s good behavior.
Never wipe his nose in it if he has an accident in the house. This is cruel and will not teach him anything.

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